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Starting: November 27th 2021

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Title: “The Plant Medicine Multiverse”

This current class series will be our first class on the Xperiencify Education Platform. This is a Full Semester Class (1-3 months) with video hands-on instruction. Those who choose one month will complete the Initiate Level of the course.

For the first time ever we will also be using a 3D Collaborative Mind Mapping Tool called ThortSpace. Watch the video at the top of the page for more information.

With assistance from the creators of the program, we have successfully launched what may be the first 3D Plant Medicine Multiverse for online use, as we know we’re only a handful of entheogens away from the Multiverse. However, I have poured my years of research into a user friendly application that allows you to virtually walk through dozens of videos and research articles and easily map how subject matter is connected!

Topics include:

-Basic Neurochemistry for psychonauts:

Learn about your brain on Entheogens and how you can improve your neuroplasticity with Plant Medicines from around the Globe.

-Building a better Brain: Iboga and Addiction Research, Microdosing and PTSD

-Walk through the History of Alchemical Development

-Ethnobotanicals for Alchemical Use

-Medical Research on the above Topics

-Ancestral Cultures and Entheogens

-The Serpent Grail: Cobra Venom in History

-Research on Novel States of Consciousness

-Links to Traditional Uses of Plant Medicine

-and much more, with dozens of fully cited professional medical, anthropological and entheogenic research, with links accessible within the app.